Luxury Home Upgrade Ideas

Luxury Home Upgrade Ideas

Many interior designers and landscape specialists are now creating hotel-like home interiors. Many people associate hotel interior design with comfortable beds, luxurious sheets and glamorous baths. Why not bring those ideas right in your home and feel like you’re on vacation every time you drive back from work? Here are some ideas and tips that you can include on your next home remodel projects.

Pick a theme for outdoor and private living spaces. Don’t just settle for lounge chairs and coffee tables on your new patio. Add some tasteful elements that change the ambiance of your home. Contact your contractor for outdoor improvement ideas like change in soft and hard landscape design, garden structures and furniture. Arrange some wicker sun lounge or rattan garden sun patio bed. Add plush cushions and pillows with ethnic or Aztec prints for that splash of color. Thinking of how you miss Morocco or Spain? Hang some Moroccan lamps by the patio or a coffee table with detailed carvings, or get a Spanish or Mediterranean remodel of your patio.

Add a garden gazebo. Whether you have a pool, pond or open space in the garden, consider adding wrought iron or wood gazebo with sheer white curtains that make you feel you’re in a private villa. Outdoor landscape and construction contractors can also build a Balinese pavilion that doubles as a covered garden daybed area, a personal refuge area for afternoon reading with coffee or tea. Pergolas can also be installed to add shade and some drama along the pathway to the garden.

Outdoor Balinese bath. Feel like you’re on the island of the gods every time you get home to a spa bath. Install an open sky bathroom or outdoor Jacuzzi surrounded by concrete walls with tropical plants, and dramatic night lights on the pathway. Or you can have your bathroom remodelled with an Asian-themed stone sink and natural stone or pebble tiles.

Add new kitchen features that blend with interior design. When renovating your kitchen, rethink how you can position appliances, cabinets and drawers in a way where it all blends harmoniously with other things. This will make your kitchen look and function in an organized manner, and clutter-free. Built-in refrigerators blend seamlessly with the walls instead of protruding beside kitchen counters. You can also install divided storage drawers and sliding racks within cabinets. An island cooktop or table can revolutionize the way you move around the kitchen. You’ll get additional workspace to cook and prepare ingredients, plus it doubles as your stage table for your hungry spectators.

Add a coffee bar. When everyone else boasts how they hide and organize things in the kitchen, why not design a coffee lover’s alcove. You’re not going to run a home café but this can be everyone’s favorite corner. Arrange the coffee cups and gourmet capsules, coffee maker or espresso machine in one area or countertop.

Get inspired by boutique hotel designs. Boutique interiors defy conformity to standard hotel design and basic amenities. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be splattered in gold and ornaments, modern design and colors can create an ambiance of sophistication and luxury. Often the design exudes unique personality with small luxurious additions like modern paintings or antique style pottery or vase. Upgrade to a modern four poster bed, and have your contractor remodel the walls with new materials and design. Also, change into ambient lighting fixtures for more relaxing sleeping time.